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Snow dog: “Snow dog” is a trail tool used for both grooming trails for winter activities including Fat Biking, XC skiing and snowshoeing. It also doubles as a hauler of equipment and materials for trail maintenance using a trailer. Our goal with its use is to promote and provide more options for people to get out and enjoy winter activities with the access to groomed trails.

Make the most of the off-season by volunteering or hitting the trails at Mossy Bank.

Think you can't hit the trails in winter? Think again! Make the most of your off season by volunteering or by enjoying our handiwork.

We have acquired some grown-up toys to help out with the efforts here at Mossy Bank.

Please be aware of signage showing the proper use of groomed trail surfaces. We spend the time to make it nice, your support is appreciated.

Contact us today to learn more about winter volunteering opportunities and how to enjoy the winter in the trail!


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