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Hills on Fire 2024
Enduro-XC Mountain Bike Challenge AKA: the HoF Cup

Our first and original event based out of Mossy Bank Park where we spent many youthful days learning how to ride and build trails. Years later, with the collaboration of local land owners, a wonderful network of single track has been created. For this race, we put together what we feel is the MOST FUN route that has 5 challenges/segments totaling 3.5 miles within a 7.5 mile course. At the start of each segment,  a volunteer will greet you and tell you when you are able to go and you will ride as fast as possible until you cross a well-marked finish gate.  From there you can regroup with friends, chat with other riders as you cruise to the start of the next segment.  The course is a blend of rooty and loamy terrain through a mix of hardwood and hemlock stands. At the bottom of stage 5 you'll pop out to the start/stop. Take a break, regroup at your tent and prepare for your next lap!

August 4, 2024

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