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Welcome to Round 2! More miles, YES. More, elevation, YES. More scenic roads, YES. Think of it as a growth spurt

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Birds Eye Brawler 2023
SSIC Enduro-Gravel Series #2

The Birdseye Brawler route has it all! Containing a mix of  gravel, seasonal, double and single track while testing your all around riding skills over 55 miles & 5000'+ of elevation.  The route heads NE from the SSIC Gravel Series start/finish and works its way around Lake Salubria and then climbs up through Freeman Hollow. From the top you'll head North into Birdseye Hollow State Forest. At Birdseye Hollow State Park you can pull in and visit with the checkpoint staff and take a breather before you head south into Sonora along Sanford and Round Lakes before heading up into the high hills surrounding the village of Savona.  Once on top, you'll make a long descent into the Cohocton River Valley, cross the river and back up into the hills of Thurston before plunging back down into Babcock Hollow. One more climb up into the hills of southern Bath brings you into the beautiful Mossy Bank Park. Be sure to stop at the MBP overlook and soak in the view before descending through the parks double/single track to the start/finish.

See course map.


Birds Eye Brawler

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