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Welcome to Round 2! More miles, YES. More, elevation, YES. More scenic roads, YES. Think of it as a growth spurt

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Birds Eye Brawler 2024
SSIC Enduro-Gravel Series #2

The Birdseye Brawler route has it all! Containing a mix of  gravel, seasonal, and double track while testing your all around riding skills over 40 miles & 4200'+ of elevation.  The route heads West out of Birdseye Hollow Farm and Distillery toward Bath heading south toward Savona and then back Northeast into Bradford. There will be 5 timed segments that will include challenging climbs, fast descents and some rolling along the way. When not on the timed segments, be sure to take a stop and enjoy the beautiful views from atop the hills overlooking the valleys. This is a self supported ride, with water/heckling stations at the top of Irish Hill and along side of Lamoka lake. After stage 5, you will run along Ridge road taking in the views of the valley before descending back to the Farm & Distillery.

***GPX file will be necessary for the course and can be found at the registration page for download.

June 30, 2024

Birds Eye Brawler

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